Facts and Figures about BCEGS® Grades around the Country

This page leads you to information describing the state of building code enforcement in the United States. The information can help you benchmark your community's level of enforcement against other cities and towns in your state and in the country as a whole.

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Customized reports
For information about your own community's building code enforcement, a customized BCEGS report is available by mail from ISO. The report contains details of the latest ISO review of your community's building code adoption and enforcement services (that is, your BCEGS grading). The report is available, free of charge, to your community's building official or chief administrative official.

Please mail your request on building department letterhead or your chief administrative official's letterhead to:

Community Hazard Mitigation Division
545 Washington Boulevard, 18-11
Jersey City, NJ 07310-1686


For more information . . .
. . . on any topic related to the Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS®) program, Contact ISO Mitigation, or call the ISO mitigation specialists at 1-800-444-4554.

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Building Code Effectiveness

Building Code Effectiveness
Grading Schedule »

ISO has embarked on a project to review and update the criteria for the Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS®). We are soliciting your feedback to help us develop modifications and additions. Learn more.