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Community Fire Protection News
Community Fire Protection News
Welcome to Community Fire Protection News, ISO’s online newsletter for concise and topical fire-protection information, tips for navigating ISO websites, relevant industry news, and more. There’s a new fire scenario in the section “You make the call.” Let us know your fireground answers. Also, take a look at the responses from the fire scenario in our last issue. As a user of Fire Chiefs Online or ISO Mitigation Online, you may already know ISO. But if you’re new to ISO, please keep reading and explore the links. Then, join us in our quest to mitigate the risk of losses from fire in municipalities around the country.

Robert “Butch” Cobb
National Director, Community Hazard Mitigation
Deputy Chief, Jersey City, N.J. (Retired)

  ISO Remembers 9/11 on Ninth Anniversary

Battalion Chief John Salka, FDNY 18th Battalion Commander, and Deputy Chief Robert “Butch” Cobb (retired), Jersey City Fire Department and ISO National Director, Community Hazard Mitigation, attended a solemn ceremony at the FDNY Firefighter’s Memorial on Riverside Drive in New York City. They met to honor all the heroes lost on that tragic day — including 343 FDNY members.

As the country and the world take a few moments this month to remember the anniversary of September 11, ISO would like to acknowledge the thousands of civilians and hundreds of emergency responders (firefighters, paramedics, and others) who lost their lives on that tragic day. Even now, nine years later, countless people still experience the aftermath of the event.

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  Fire Chiefs Online toolbox

The ISO Class One ribbon — indicating the Public Protection Classification (PPC™) — adorns the official shield on all City of Las Vegas Department of Fire and Rescue apparatus.

We want you to get the most value from Fire Chiefs Online. Here are some tips to help you access Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS) technical documents and information on community PPC™ surveys.

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  On the job

Kevin Kuntz, Assistant Vice President, Risk Decision Services
Kevin Kuntz at the pump panel for truck 3 of the North Brunswick Fire Department.

Kevin Kuntz, P.E.
ISO Assistant Vice President, Risk Decision Services
Past Chief and Active Firefighter, North Brunswick Fire Department
Active Firefighter, Montgomery Township Fire Department

As an assistant vice president with ISO’s Risk Decision Services, Kevin Kuntz leads the Risk Engineering and Technical Support & Training groups. He serves as the lead technical resource and director of national policy on a variety of commercial lines underwriting, loss control, and specific risk engineering subjects.

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  Industry experts speak out

Syracuse Fire Department Rescue Company
Western Fire Chiefs Association President and Assistant Fire Chief of Snohomish Fire District 1 in Everett, Wash., Gary Aleshire and ISO National Director, Community Hazard Mitigation, Robert “Butch” Cobb meet in front of the ISO booth at the AZ Fire Chiefs Association Conference held in the summer.
  • Fire-Rescue International Highlights ISO Expertise in Fire Suppression and Community Fire Protection
  • Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association Annual Conference Brings Together ISO, the NFPA, and the USFA

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  You Make the Call

Fire on the top floor of an occupied three-story frame building. Time: 1330 hrs.

You face challenging fires all the time. You’ve received training to assess different types of fires and determine the best firefighting approach. In each issue of Community Fire Protection News, we’ll show you a real building fire and ask you to “make the call” on a number of different measures.

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  Register for FCO

Many of our readers are registered users of Fire Chiefs Online — ISO’s free secure website for fire chiefs. The website is loaded with information and features to help you manage your community’s fire-suppression services and improve your community’s Public Protection Classification (PPC™).

If you’re already a user, go to www.isogov.com for access. You’ll find interactive GIS maps of your fire protection area, valuable reports on commercial buildings in your jurisdiction, a Needed Fire Flow Estimator, and a Community Outreach Questionnaire to let us know about the latest fire-protection improvements in your community. If you’re not yet a user, register now. If you’ve forgotten your password, call 1-800-444-4554, option 2, and ask for the FCO administrator. register now »

  Upcoming Events

Please note the following fire service events that ISO plans to attend in fourth-quarter 2010:

Illinois Fire Chiefs Conference
October 10-13
Peoria, IL

East Tennessee Fire Rescue Conference
October 16-17
Blountville, TN

Minnesota Fire Chiefs Conference 
October 21-23
Rochester, MN

Kansas State Fire Chiefs Conference 
October 21-24
Topeka, KS

IAFC-Volunteer & Combination Officer Section (VCOS) 
November 11-14
Clearwater, FL

  ISO websites

www.isomitigation.com — ISO Mitigation Online for community officials; learn all about ISO’s PPC™ program

www.isogov.com — ISO Government Solutions for government and communities, and Fire Chiefs Online for registered fire chiefs

www.iso.com — ISO’s website for property/casualty insurers

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