Fire Chiefs Online - Register

As a free service to fire departments around the country, ISO is pleased to offer Fire Chiefs Online — a special website with information and features that can help you improve your ISO Public Protection Classification (PPC®). And Fire Chiefs Online also brings you reports on individual commercial buildings in your jurisdiction — often the largest and most significant properties you have to protect.

If you’re a fire chief, you can sign up for access to Fire Chiefs Online. There you'll find:

  • convenient ways to notify ISO about the essential fire-protection features in your community
  • access to an interactive map of your fire protection area
  • information about individual commercial buildings in your jurisdiction

You can use the building information in prefire planning. And if you have facts that differ from what’s in our database, let us know. Changes can affect your PPC.

Here’s how to register

If you’re a fire chief, you can get a free ID and password for Fire Chiefs Online. Please fill out and submit this form.

To register, you must be the chief officer of your fire department. ISO will independently verify your eligibility, and we will send your username to the e-mail address given below. (Not available in Idaho, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Washington.)