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Fire Chiefs Online enhancements help improve community fire suppression capabilities — and that helps insurers

We’re excited to share some important enhancements to Fire Chiefs Online. Our secured website provides information and features to help fire departments understand or improve their community’s ISO Public Protection Classification (PPC™).
On the site, you'll be able to:

  • fill out a Community Outreach Questionnaire to let us know about the latest improvements in your fire department, water supply, and emergency communications system
  • access interactive maps of fire protection areas
  • access valuable reports on commercial buildings in your jurisdiction, with information on building construction, occupancies, hazards, and sprinkler systems
  • estimate a building’s Needed Fire Flow — the amount of water that should be available for fire protection at individual buildings
  • register and manage additional staff for FCO access

Among the new enhancements: All registered fire chiefs can now access the revised Fire Suppression Rating Schedule online (as a PDF). From the home page, you’ll see a bullet in the About Fire Chiefs Online section for the “2012 Fire Suppression Rating Schedule.” Just click to receive your copy.


We’ve updated the site with an illustrated voice tutorial guide. The guide provides a comprehensive tour of the valuable features available to site users.


You’ll also find easy access to information on ISO’s PPC program and an archive of our newsletters.

Fire chiefs not already registered may register at

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