ISO Mitigation SLIDERS v03 Fire

After ISO completes the survey, we will meet briefly with community officials to review the items for which we collected information. The results of the survey will not be available at that meeting.

ISO will then review and analyze the information and calculate your Public Protection Classification (PPC™).

We will notify community officials as soon as we have determined the PPC. Generally, we send the notice in a letter to your community’s chief executive, with copies to the fire chief, the water superintendent, and other key individuals involved in the evaluation process.

With the letter, we will include:

  • a summary of hydrant flow tests
  • a summary of the grading results

In addition, we will send a detailed Public Protection Classification Summary Report to the fire chief and the top administrative official.

If a community official has questions about the facts used to determine the PPC, ISO will address those questions. If the facts used in developing the PPC change, ISO will, upon verification, revise the classification as appropriate.