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Interested in seeing all the commercial buildings in your municipality that exist in ISO’s Specific Property Information (SPI Plus®) database? On the home page of the Fire Chiefs Online website, click on Property Reports. 

You’ll be able to view and update all the commercial Property Reports within your jurisdiction. Property Reports provide needed fire flow, construction class, square footage, hazards, and occupancies, as well as information about the construction of roofs, walls, and floors. Using the information provided in the Property Reports will help you effectively assess your fire-suppression needs and capabilities. The reports also make an ideal source of information for preplanning.

Like what you’re seeing and want to include additional authorized users from your fire department? You can add and manage up to five more users under your registration. Click on Tools, and from the left menu select “Add User.” Enter the information for the user and click “Submit.” On the next page, click the link“Assign Permissions to the User.” To select the new user, click on the new user’s name, set user permissions for the functions identified, and click “Edit User Permissions.”

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