Minimum Criteria for Class 9

To receive a Public Protection Classification (PPC®) of Class 9, a community must first have the minimum facilities and practices needed to get a PPC rating. That includes at least one piece of apparatus with a permanently mounted pump. The pump needs a rated capacity of 250 gpm or more at 150 psi and at least a 200-gallon water tank. The fire department must deliver a minimum of 500 gallons of water to all reported first-alarm structure fires. The community must also earn a score of at least 100 credit points on the following items from the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS):


Records must indicate the date, time, and location of fires; the number of responding members; the number of training sessions; and the maintenance of apparatus and equipment. Each community must also keep an up-to-date roster of fire department members. 10 points prorated


The community must also provide the following equipment, in accordance with the general criteria of NFPA 1901:

400 feet of 1.5”, 1.75”, or 2” hose 16 points
2 handline nozzles, 95 gpm minimum 16 points
2 portable fire extinguishers suitable for use on Class A, B, and C fires. Minimum sizes should be 80-BC rating in a dry chemical extinguisher and a 2.5-gallon water extinguisher. 4 points
1 extension ground ladder 24-foot or longer 14 points
1 straight ladder (12-foot) with roof hooks 8 points
4 self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) 16 points
1 spare SCBA cylinder for each SCBA carried (up to 4) 4 points
1 pick-head axe and 1 flat-head axe 2 points
2 portable hand lights 4 points
1 pike pole or plaster hook 2 points
1 forcible-entry tool 2 points
1 two-way radio assigned to the apparatus 16 points

The criteria, specifications, and tools listed above are important in establishing Class 9 protection. However, the specific size and nomenclature of each individual subitem may be subject to local conditions in the graded community. We may credit equipment having other names or different dimensions than indicated in the apparatus specifications.

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