What If Our PPC Gets Worse?

If we calculate a Public Protection Classification (PPC®) resulting in a regression in class, we notify the community but won’t distribute the information to the insurance industry to use for premium calculations. We will identify for the community the features that changed the classification. If the community wishes to improve its classification, we can help with the process and postpone publication of the new PPC for up to 90 days while the community develops an improvement plan. We then evaluate the plan and projected completion dates. The community should complete the improvements within six months* of receiving notification of the regressed PPC. During that time, the previous classification will remain as the distributed PPC.

*Because of the implementation of the revised FSRS in July 2013, we  have extended the retrogression policy to one year for those communities that retrogress due to a new item in the revised FSRS.

We recognize that communities may not wish to make changes. If the community decides not to improve the classification or does not notify us of any intention to improve, we will publish the new PPC.

For more information on any topic related to the Public Protection Classification (PPC®) program or the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule, Contact us, or call our mitigation specialists at 1-800-444-4554.