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You Make the Call

Frame Building Fire Response

You face challenging fires all the time. You’ve received training to assess different types of fires and determine the best firefighting approach. In each issue of Community Fire Protection News, we’ll show you a real building fire and ask you to “make the call” on a number of different measures. Just reply to the e-mail from which you accessed this newsletter and tell us your answers. We’ll include the results in the next issue. Review the building fire in this photo and answer the following questions:

incident command system

Fire on the top floor of an occupied three-story frame building. Time: 1330 hrs.

  • What parts of the incident command system would you initiate for firefighter safety?
  • Where would you begin ventilation?
  • What tasks would the rapid intervention crew perform on arrival?
  • Is an exposure line necessary, and where would you place it?
  • Which line is appropriate for initial attack – 1 3/4 or 2 1/2?

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