Seeking Advice from Independent Consultants

A number of independent consultants offer services designed to help communities improve their Public Protection Classification (PPC®) gradings. We issued the following statement about the use of such consultants:

We are an independent licensed statistical and insurance advisory organization providing underwriting, pricing, and statistical information to property/casualty insurers. Information provided is advisory with participating insurance companies using the information to make independent judgments.

We do not make any recommendations on the use of consultants. It is a community’s decision whether or not to use a consultant related to our evaluations. We currently work with all such consultants around the country. However, in all cases, our representatives must personally verify and validate all information related to a community’s evaluation.

You should know that we have not authorized any consultants to speak on our behalf. You should exercise caution before following the recommendations of such consultants, especially when those recommendations involve major expenditures.

If you seek advice from an independent consultant, you should verify that the consultant:

  • is qualified to evaluate emergency management practices
  • has experience with the issues of insurance underwriting and rating
  • will not receive any financial benefit as a result of your subsequent actions or expenditures
  • has satisfied previous clients in situations like yours

Before making any large expenditures, you should contact us to verify the effect of the purchases on your PPC. You can also get second opinions on major recommended changes from appropriate professional and governmental organizations, such as:

  • American Water Works Association
  • International Association of Fire Chiefs
  • International City Managers Association
  • National Fire Protection Association
  • State Fire Marshal (or similar state agency)
  • U.S. Fire Administration – FEMA

For more information on any topic related to the Public Protection Classification (PPC®) program or the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule, Contact us, or call our mitigation specialists at 1-800-444-4554.