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Spring 2010
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Dear Chief:
Welcome to Community Fire Protection News, ISO’s online newsletter for concise and topical fire-protection information, tips for navigating ISO websites, relevant industry news, and more. Take a look at our fire scenario in the newly added section, “You make the call,” and let us know your fireground answers. As a user of Fire Chiefs Online or ISO Mitigation Online, you may already know ISO. But if you’re new to ISO, please keep reading and explore the links. Then, join us in our quest to mitigate the risk of losses from fire in municipalities around the country.

Robert “Butch” Cobb
National Director, Community Hazard Mitigation
Deputy Chief, Jersey City, N.J. (Retired)

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International Association of Fire Chiefs President Jeff Johnson Endorses ISO's Revised Fire Suppression Rating Schedule

The president and chairman of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), Jeff Johnson, has endorsed the upcoming revisions to ISO’s Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS).
Building Fire

Fire Chiefs Online Toolbox

We want you to get the most value from Fire Chiefs Online.
ISO's PPC Program-Best in Class

ISO’s PPC™ Program: Best in Class

The city of Syracuse is located at the crossroads of central New York State.
On the Job

On the Job: Mark Haskell

As a community mitigation field representative for the western states, Mark Haskell conducts on-site surveys of fire departments, water delivery systems, and communications systems to determine PPCTM classifications.
You make the call

You make the call: Spring 2010

You face challenging fires all the time. You’ve received training to assess different types of fires and determine the best firefighting approach.

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