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Mark Haskell, ISO Field Representative

Mark Haskell in his Class A uniform at the annual Orange County Firefighter Memorial

Mark Haskell in his Class A uniform at the annual Orange County Firefighter Memorial

Mark Haskell 
ISO Field Representative, Community Hazard Mitigation, and Retired Fire Chief, City of Fountain Valley Fire and Building Safety Department

As a community mitigation field representative for the western states, Mark Haskell conducts on-site surveys of fire departments, water delivery systems, and communications systems to determine PPCTM classifications.

Mark is no stranger to the fire service. He came to ISO after retiring from an illustrious career as a fire chief and building safety director in the City of Fountain Valley Fire and Building Safety Department. As fire chief, Mark planned, organized, and managed all activities in the fire department, including fire suppression, fire prevention, emergency medical aid, hazardous materials management, disaster preparedness, building services, and inspection services.

Mark also:

  • managed the development and implementation of short-term and long-term fire department goals and policies
  • implemented city goals
  • established, within city policy, appropriate service and staffing levels and allocated resources accordingly
  • managed the development and administration of the fire department budget
  • oversaw the city’s Building Division
  • administered the contract with an outside vendor for building services to ensure that appropriate service levels were maintained and that the city was in compliance with applicable building codes and regulations
  • selected, trained, and evaluated fire department personnel

The Fountain Valley Fire Department provides a full range of fire and building services. It has 41 sworn full-time employees, 12 non-sworn full-time employees, and up to 30 volunteers.

Mark’s real-world experience in the fire service makes him an ideal choice to work at ISO. It’s a natural progression from a career dedicated to delivering safety and fire-suppression services to his community to conducting analyses of those services to help insurers make sound underwriting decisions.

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