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Winter 2015
Welcome to Community Fire Protection News...

Welcome to Community Fire Protection News, our online newsletter for fire chiefs and insurers. We provide concise and topical fire protection information, relevant community mitigation and insurance news, and more.

CFP News is a joint publication of ISO (a Verisk Analytics business) and Verisk Insurance Solutions – Commercial Property. In this issue, we officially welcome Tom Weber as our national director of ISO Community Hazard Mitigation, and we urge you to read the articles on SLICE-RS, why building codes matter, a conversation with Eddie Buchanan, division chief Hanover (Virginia) Fire & EMS, and an interview with Chief Otto Drozd.

This issue also includes many other industry updates and insights. We hope you’ll find our latest information useful in your own efforts to keep people and property safe against fire and other catastrophes.

Robert L. Andrews
Vice President and Chief Field Operations Officer
Verisk Insurance Solutions – Commercial Property

William M. Raichle
Verisk Insurance Solutions – Commercial Property


Insurers' Report

In the Insurers’ Report column, we discuss some common questions we receive from insurers.
Fire Dept

Why building codes matter

by Ralph Dorio
An assessment of last summer’s earthquake in Napa, California, from AIR Worldwide, a Verisk Analytics business, really hit home for me.
Rhoda Kerr

Turning science into tactics: A conversation with Eddie Buchanan

Chief Eddie Buchanan, Division Chief, Hanover (Virginia) Fire & EMS.
On the Job

Happenings - A good run for a great cause

By Anthony Zampella Jr.
This past August, I had the rare opportunity to combine work, fitness, and charitable support — not a bad trifecta.
On the Job

On the Job: Chief Otto Drozd

Chief Otto Drozd led the fire service in Hialeah, Florida, and El Paso, Texas, before returning to his home state of Florida as chief of the Orange County Fire Rescue.

You make the call: New Challenge

You face challenging fires all the time. You’ve received training to assess different types of fires and determine the best firefighting approach.

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