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Fire Frequency vs. Fire Severity: An interview with Chief Gary S. Allyn, West Hartford Fire Department

September 8, 2016

An interesting current trend in the fire service is that fire frequency is down nationally, but fire severity has increased.

Austin Fire Department’s RED Team promotes use of unmanned aerial vehicles in firefighting

September 7, 2016

The fire service is often a risky and dangerous profession. Modern technology holds a lot of promise in making it safer for firefighters, emergency responders, and the public. Community Fire Protection News wants to share information as often as we can on the new devices and systems being developed.

A good old-fashioned wetdown

By Anthony Zampella Jr.
September 6, 2016

The fire service is known for its traditions. One such tradition is the time-honored commissioning of new fire apparatus with a good old-fashioned wetdown.

You Make the Call

September 5, 2016

The ISO Public Protection Classification (PPC) program works with fire departments to analyze and measure their performance in the community.

BCEGS® Spotlight: Washington County, Maryland

By Dale Thomure
September 3, 2016

) program rates the effectiveness and enforcement of building codes in communities throughout the United States.

ISO announces new logo

September 2, 2016

Over the years, you’ve come to know ISO Community Hazard Mitigation for our data collection and analysis, particularly related to our Public Protection Classification (PPC) and Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS) programs.

I never saw that coming — Cancer in the fire service

By Tom Weber
September 1, 2016

The situation has become so dire that 33 states and 9 Canadian provinces made cancer a presumptive job-related injury.

Fire risk in the WUI: An interview with U.S. Fire Administrator Ernest Mitchell

April 6, 2016

One of the central topics facing the fire service is the fact that trends indicate fire risk has been growing in the wildland-urban interface (WUI).

The difference between FireLine™ and PPC

By Brad Bain, Dr. Arindam Samanta
April 5, 2016

Fire. It’s a basic combination of three elements that surround us every day: heat, fuel, and oxygen. While we recognize it’s a danger, most people rarely think about fire as they go about their lives.

Wildland-urban interface risks are increasing

By Tom Weber
April 4, 2016

According to Tom Harbour, former director of the United States Forest Service (USFS), 2015 was a record year for the national fire season.

ISO Fire Suppression Rating Schedule

Our Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS) is free to chiefs and other fire officials. It's a manual containing the criteria ISO uses in reviewing the fire prevention and fire suppression capabilities of individual communities or fire protection areas. Go to Fire Chiefs Online to access your complimentary copy of the FSRS. If you're not yet registered, register here.

H2O and ISO

Water supply and distribution systems are important factors in determining a community’s ISO Public Protection Classification (PPC®). We provide complimentary educational training and seminars to water providers and associations throughout the country. Contact Anthony Zampella, national water resources manager, at 908-821-7689 or e-mail for more information.

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