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Spring 2015
Welcome to Community Fire Protection News...

Welcome to Community Fire Protection News, our online newsletter for fire chiefs and insurers. We provide concise and topical fire protection information, relevant community mitigation and insurance news, and more.

CFP News is a joint publication of Verisk Insurance Solutions and its ISO Community Hazard Mitigation business. In this issue, we show you how Verisk’s FireLine™ product can help insurers manage property risk in the wildland-urban interface and how Public Protection Classification (PPC™) can help a community improve its fire protection efforts; we explain that regular testing is critical to a building’s sprinkler system.

This issue also includes many other industry updates and insights. We hope you’ll find our latest information useful in your own efforts to keep people and property safe against fire and other catastrophes.

Robert L. Andrews
Vice President and Chief Field Operations Officer
Verisk Insurance Solutions


How insurers can prepare for wildland fires

by Hugh “Skip” Gibson
As someone who devoted so much of his life preparing for emergency scenarios, I’m amazed how the actuaries, engineers, scientists, and other professionals at Verisk find new ways to merge different disciplines to generate advanced analytical predictive tools. One such tool is FireLine™.
Fire Dept

How prepared is your local fire department? Public Protection Classification (PPC™) answers that question and more

Numbers don’t lie. Statistical data shows that better fire protection means lower fire losses. That’s why property insurers turn to Public Protection Classification (PPC™).
Rhoda Kerr

The building has a sprinkler, now what?

Sprinkler systems are critical fire safety measures. But knowing whether a building has a sprinkler system is only part of assessing potential property loss.
On the Job

On the Job: Rhoda Mae Kerr

By Tom Weber
Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr is a fourth-generation firefighter who recently became the first woman elected president of the International Association of Fire Chiefs.

You make the call: Search and rescue operations

By Ed Kensler
We want to poll our readers to determine when you believe search and rescue operations should begin on a fire ground.

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